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Mennica-Metale Szlachetne S.A.

Precious metals processing carried out by Mennica-Metale Szlachetne S.A. is geared towards manufacture of products for industrial purposes, used in technological processes in plants of various production profiles. Apart from production of precious-metal products, the Company is engaged in extensive refinement processes of precious metals’ scrap. We produce, among other things, catalysts for the nitric industry (catalytic and absorption nets), paints made from precious metals used for glass, china and ceramic tiles decoration, devices used for glass fibre forming as well as saline solutions containing precious metals.

For more information: www.mennica-metale.com.pl

NIP (Tax Identification Number) 527-23-88-185
Share capital: PLN 10 624 500
KRS number 0000295229, District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Economic Division of the National Court Register

Mennica Polska S.A. is the sole shareholder of the Company.

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Mennica Polska S.A.
11 Walicow Street, 00-851 Warsaw
Registry number - KRS: 0000019196, District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw,
Tax identification number (NIP): 527-00-23-255,
Paid up capital: PLN 51,832,136

Capital Group Skarbiec Mennicy Polskiej
Mennica Ochrona

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