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PLN 5 “Fisherman” coin from 1958

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Metalgold Au 900
Size21.00 mm
Weight8.00 g
Mintage400 pcs
Date of issueMarch 2010

An exceptional replica of the most characteristic post-war circulation coin – the 5-zloty “Fisherman” from 1958

In the 1950s, 60s and 70s this coin was known to everybody. Today, it is the most sought-after coins among the collectors. Today’s replicas were produced using the original tools from 1958. Each replica is elegantly packaged in a wooden box and comes with a numbered certificate.

The image of the national emblem of the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) (eagle without crown). Along the rim an inscription: POLSKA RZECZPOSPOLITA LUDOWA (PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF POLAND). Below the date: 1958.

A stylized image of a fisherman holding his fishnet. On the right the face value: 5 zł. Below an inscription: REPLIKA (REPLICA). On the left the grade of silver: Au 900.

Designer: Obverse – Wojciech Jastrzębowski, Reverse – Józef Gosławski

The 5-zloty “Fisherman” Coin is one of the most characteristic post-war circulation coins. The coin was struck in aluminum in 1958, 1959, 1960, 1971, 1973 and 1974. The rarest and most precious series was the one struck in 1958. Due to the scarce durability of aluminum very few copies have survived to our times. The price of the 1958 coin of the highest grade can reach PLN 2500. The 1958 coin was struck in several versions, e.g. one with the “sun” under the fisherman’s arm (i.e. a copy of the coin die) and with the number 8 in bold.

Metalsilver Ag 925
Size38.61 mm
Mintage2,000 pcs
Weight28.28 g

Armorial of the Polish Nobility – Kościesza

The second numismat from the “Armorial of the Polish Nobility” series with an image of the coat of arms of the Medieval noble family of Kościesza.

MetalSilver Ag 925
Size32 mm
Mintage5,000 pcs
Weight15 g

Young Animals – Grey Wolf

The "Young Animals" series presents the most beautiful and interesting animal species of the world. Minters make their best to ensure that the images on the coins are as close as possible to the real appearance of young animals...

Mennica Polska S.A.
11 Walicow Street, 00-851 Warsaw
Registry number - KRS: 0000019196, District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw,
Tax identification number (NIP): 527-00-23-255,
Paid up capital: PLN 51,832,136

Capital Group Skarbiec Mennicy Polskiej
Mennica Ochrona

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